About Us

Chartion Springs & Metal Products Sdn Bhd was founded by Ҷ since 2001 as a humble spring manufacturer in Malaysia. We even introduce our own brand ‘SynHz’ to the public.

In Chartion Springs & Metal Products, we have the most advanced CNC Spring Forming Machines, CNC 3D Multi-Slides Machines, CNC Wire-Cutting Machines, CNC Turning Machines, Precision Gear Hobbing Machines and German Computerized Heat-Treatment Furnaces to fabricate all kinds of Precision Springs, Heavy Duty & Huge Spings, Wire & Metal Products, Precision Machinery Parts, Precision Gears and Mouldings. We also provide Metal Stamping, Wire-Cutting & Heat-Treatment services.
“Quality based, service oriented” has always been our main principle. We strive in providing high quality product and services. In order to fulfil the market demand and improve our service skill, we had introduced the “SynHz service set”. We take great attention on the relationship between our customers and distributor; we emphasize in the “three wins” concept, to make sure all of our distributors able to earn more money, on the other hand, our customers are able to obtain the products that worth the value for money.

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more details. We will be delighted to hear from you.
Our Founder

Our founder - Ҷ was born Melaka. His father was a worker in the rubber plantation. Although it was very difficult in that age, his father takes great attention on all of his child education. He believes take only knowledge can change their life and this had deeply influence our founder’s mindset.

Our founder is very glad that he can complete his education in Pay Fong Middle School. In this environment, he had learn a lot of knowledge in-school and out-of-school.
Before he founded “Chartion Springs & Metal Products Sdn Bhd”, our founder was a owner in metal factory. In 1999, he accompany his friend to Taiwan and Hong Kong and have a chance to meet with a lot of factory owner with their own brand. This has inspire him to open up his own brand products.

In 2001, he had introduce “SynHz” and apply for patent in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom.

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